Jacuzzi Legit; Why Jazz Cartier will body 2017 and Beyond

img_3026To be frank, Jazz Cartier bodied 2016. With some help from his  long time producer Lantz, Jacuzzi released mixtape “Hotel Paranoia” and showed that he is a force to be reckoned with, showing that he is just as fire as his Canadian peers.

    I’m not going to lie I lowkey slept on Jacuzzi, until 2015, when I was on Spotify for New Music Friday, a playlist where new music is constantly dropped into a playlist at the end of the week, as  I looked through to find a song called “Stick and Move” by Jacuzzi himself, and I instantly saw his potential .  Stick and Move showed that Jacuzzi is ready to blow up, and knowing that he can be Top 5 of Canada, which is basically a Mount Rushmore of Canadian rappers.                                                                                                     

     I think Jacuzzi  has a case.  Cartier  has a very dark and ambient vibe to his music. Hotel Paranoia really taps into that paranoid state every person gets into once in awhile, and the mixtape is filled with good content, yet also delivering a meaningful variety of music that will start the prime of his career.

Now it’s 2017, and Jazz has already shook up the game by dropping two new songs. PREE in late 2016, which has a very dark monotone Jacuzzi asking why they want to PREE him, the song then takes a dramatic portal of sound, where you can vividly hear a little girl singing an old nursery with other little girls, it was really creepy, but it served its purpose of really feeling a vibe at where Cartier wants to push the limits of sound, and I am 100 percent on board with this.
Then Jazz dropped “Tempted” which is more of an upbeat forget about ya mans type of song, where he wants a girl to be his shawty. while throwing a Christmas vibe with the little bells buried in the pockets of the beat. Which you are “tempted to touch”.
      I feel like 2017 would be a perfect time for Jacuzzi to drop an album, and while various Canadian artists are thirsting for success, who knows, maybe Jazz will release a project that can really showcase that he truly belongs. From his crazy live performances, to the boundaries of rap that he is trying to surpass. Jazz Cartier is here to stay but wait, Lantz is, is that you?

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