The Benefits of Growing your hair out; but there is a long road ahead of you

At one point in time it was normal and attractive to have short or medium hair, but with all of the man buns and undercuts in the world, the curiosity of growing hair has reached its peak. Like myself, I started off at 4 inches of hair on my head, and I really wanted to grow out the undercut to do a man bun, but I would have needed two times the hair I had on my head. So I vowed to never cut the top of my hair again, until I reach my goal. But along the road I picked up a few tricks to help me get out of the awkward stage. But don’t worry! There are tons of little tricks to get you throough that dreaded awkward phase and into a suave socialite. 

  1. Take care of your hair- What I have leaned throughout my hairy treck of maintains my fur was to learn how focus on washing my hair. Do not go more than 3 days without conditioning, and massage your scalp when you are taking a shower. Also do not overshower because all of the chemicals in our shampoo take away the natural oils that our scalp produces,so always take a day or two off of washing your hair. Just stay clean you smell like chipotle.
  2. Know your measurements- it’s nice to know your progress after a couple of months, but it all depends on what style you want to accomplish. The undercut for me is the most easiest thing to grow out, because all you really need to do is just cut the sides down to a 2, and keep the top long. If you are full on growing the sides out as well, you will definitely have more of an awkward stage.
  3. Live a healthier life- I noticed that your hair grows when you are less stressed, and more productive. If a person can try to go to the gym every once and a while, and drink plenty of water, then anyone can grow a solid 2 inches in a couple of months, but you need 
  4. Watch videos- I learned a lot of tips from fashion Youtubers like TheGentlemansCove, Luca Fersko, and many more. Also once you get enough hair for the bun, you have to learn how to use a hair tie. We were not born with this skill and it takes time.
  5. Patience- The hair will come no matter what, even if it takes too long to grow, you either have more than you had before, or you can just cut it whenever you want. But if you are willing to get awkward for a couple of months be my guest. Good luck 

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