Advanced Technology in the Music Game; how combining different genres of music can lead to instant bangers 

2017 is only 2 months old and we already have 2 Future  mixtapes… And the talks of releasing a 3rd dynasty mixtape in 3 weeks, you really have to see how much work Future really puts in the booth, and who and what technology he and his fellow Atlantaliens do to get the sound they strive for. This goes out to all of the artists of the world.

I feel like Future, and many artists grow up and really hone in on their sound, and make the music they want to create. But once artists start hearing artists from different backgrounds and cultures, and almost a different perspective on life,  an artist can really choose who they want to collab with, or what kind of sound they want to conjure up together, and really have a fun time while dropping bangers.

Meanwhile the fans are loving it, because the music is just getting amazing. Every week, their seems to be something highly anticipated, something that has been in the head of all of these talented artists and they are throwing it into the world. Yet they are doing it on their terms and they are happy. And since they are happy they make catchier happy songs. The same thing can be applied to if your angry with your life, or with jealousy. 

Whatever a person surround/ themselves with, is most likely how the success level of the song that you are trying to make. Say you have an option to produce with Metro Boomin, prominent producer of Atlanta, and work and really see what he is trying to put out into the world, or come get chipotle with me and then make nonsense because we have no idea what we are doing . Obviously people are going to want to listen to whatever producer who has a good understanding of the software to make beats, it’s a true talent and anything can be created if a person really puts their mind to it.

But I feel like many artists are ready to rise up and make the music they truly are happy about, with the people they want to work with. And with the rise of social media, anybody who has a mutual liking of something can turn into an instant bond in any second. Nobody knows you just have to find out for yourself.

So with the rise of Technology, and the faster communication of people’s thoughts, artists harness all of that energy and put it into a song that lasts only 3 minutes of our days, but we can think about the sounds that we listens to for hours, it follows you everywhere. From your car, to some douche at the gym playing his music too loud, it really is amazing. 

I feel like the more relatable and real the music is, the longevity of the song increases. Because after a while, all of the blowing bands and popping bottles gets old really quickly, so you have to have other material on things that are real and sincere to you too. And be honest to the listener. It’s either “hey I’m working on myself to be better” or “hey I realized my true happiness so now I’m going to turn up because I’m successful” . 

I feel like music can really teach people how to live lives.  And if we focus on the good things than it’s easier to look at the bad ones. Like what Anderson .  Paak , Yes LAWD!

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