American Teen; Khalid’s Ballad of Emotions Finds Early Success 

For starters, I’m not talking about Dj Khalid, but you really did “play yourself” if you haven’t been listening to the fire from El Paso Texas native Khalid over the past year.

Khalid caught my attention when I was scrolling through similar artists to my favorite artist  KYLE, and Khalid was there, he had recently released a single  called Location, and instantly fell in love with the way his music sounded.  His voice is smooth, and he really pays attention to the flow of his music and combines everything into one ballad of emotions. you really have to  let American Teen take you on a journey of your late teens. Khalid’s lyrics are spot on, from break ups, to doing stupid things with your teenage friends.

    You cannot put a category on Khalid. He is just naturally flexing on whatever he likes, and he sounds almost like the birth of a 1975, Taylor Swift, and Frank Ocean one night stand. It’s truly a one of a kind. 

 American Teen Is a really cool concept Album. Khalid uses the “American Dream” and makes his own mantra sayimg that he is an “American Teen” where you can really do whatever you put your mind to. And he’s doing this at 19 years old, and the music is breathtaking. There is a little bit of everything in this Album, something to really vibe out.

 You can also feel Khalid has gone through a lot with a particular female, and he really expressed the feelings of heartache, yet showing the positive aspects of what he learned from everything, because he is living “young dumb and broke” 

There are plenty of songs that I would recommend. But I would really recommend you listen to it straight up and get in toon to your inner teenager and revisit those primitive savage things you did with your friends after school. 

But American Teen, Coaster, Another Sad Love song, Let’s go, and Shot Down are bangers, but if you like this type of music I would highly recommend artists like KYLE, Smino, and Skott for more. With the growing rate of music, toon in to find the best out of the long end of the media. Gucci Suave out.

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