Harvey Starts Strong; 2nd Inning Not So Much 

Matt Harvey, The king of Gotham, returned to the mound to get his spring training started to pitch against the Saint Louis Cardinals this Sunday evening. 

Although it may have looked ugly, Harvey showed his command in the first inning, by recording a 1,2,3 inning, and striking out two, including the talented Dexter Fowler and Aledmys Diaz, two talented hitters.

The game really started off slow, as Harvey set the Cardinals down in order, until Yoenis Cespedes crushed a home run so far, that everyone in attendance knew to look near the parking lots to find the trajectory of that baseball. After that inning, it seemed that Harvey was going to pitch maybe 40 pitches and hit the showers for a hard days work, but things got hairier than the heads of all of our starting pitchers.

Harvey let up a double to the gifted legend Jhonny Peralta, but after a number of misopportuned plays in the field, and not getting the calls he should have gotten, it ended up with a towering three run home run by Jose Martinez to dampen Harvey’s day, their were some balls hit in places where you cannot complain about and that is just baseball 

Hopefully Harvey will take Big Sean’s advice and bounce back to have the first inning he had in his first start, but it is a long recovery from being able to recover from Thoratic Outlet Syndrome, while just coming back from Tommy John Surgery not too long ago.

If Harvey can start a minimum of 25 starts and give you 14 wins maximum, I find that a massive win, and a big step in the right direction to Harvey being Harvey, and taking his throne of the young aces of this Mets rotation. 

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