The Growing Pain of Missing your hometown bagel store; What the hell do we do now?

     So you’re  a small town kid, who has grown a liking to a particular bagel store, from the hours of 4 in the morning to 6pm, you can waltz right in and get a crazy good bacon egg and cheese, or if youre feeling fancy, throw a home fry on it and call it a BOBO. 

But once you move away to college, you’ll think “o yeah my college will def have a bagel shop near me, what they don’t have lazy people like me that will pay another person money to make me a top notch breakfast sandwitch  whenever I want? Yeah no I’m good”. My friend, savor every crumb while you still can 

I remember it like it was yesterday. I asked my roomate who is a native of where I go to school if there were any cool bagel shops around here, and he flat out said Tim Hortons. I think my brain  short circuited. What do I eat now?? I’ve been paying my boy Caesar for years to make me breakfast, because I am a degenerate who is to lazy to actually make the food myself. Let’s be honest, they know what they’re doing, and the way it just comes off the stove, straight sensational

So start liking pop tarts again, because I sure did after living the luxury of a small town bagel store. But it makes it count for when you come home form break and that store has never stopped a beat, and will serve you  up any time you please. So be grateful for that small bagel store, because one day you’ll be missing that place like crazy.

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