Travis Scott announces new Label; How the artists will strike back 

Travis Scott has been open saying that he is not fully happy being an artist under a major record label. La Flame is sick of the uncertainty of whether or not his album release dates are actually permanent , and doesn’t want the future generations artists to feel jipped like the way he had to, he wants artists to know their understanding budgets of their music videos and other content, so they really know what is going on. Because they are just as clueless as we are for the most part.

Travis is a perfect artist to run a record label. Look at his last album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, his many collaborations show his high social capital, and he is so in depth with the culture, that he see’s potential in artists that many cannot see. 

The entire concept of the album is to show that Travis is a bird, and he feels trapped from his own potential, from not knowing when music videos from his debut album Rodeo , buf im interested to see who he signs.

Travis Scott is mending all of the genres together, showing his interest for James Blake, and Tame Impala, two polar opposites of hip hop, but they all have the power to create beautiful pieces of art, and now the next generations artist will not have to worry about getting jippep by their record label.

Travis Scott went through all the bullshit, we patiently waited for the perfect time to make him his own boss, and he succeeded. His new collaborations and signings will most likely change the game, and we just have to wait for his label to grow , but until that we stay trapping.

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