Why Being Alone is the new Mainstream 

I’m sure we have all pondered the decision to interact with the outside world or hang out with yourself for the day at some point in our lifes , but why is being alone considered a mutation of everyday life?

For the most of our adult life, we are alone trying to figure out purpose in the World. How can you get a long with the World if you are not comfortable with yourself in it?

I’ve come to realize that once you get used to breaking your social boundaries, anything is possible. And I feel like you have to master life you have to separate time for yourself, to really think about what is around you. 

There are a lot of things in life that are left unsaid when we tell our loved ones about our day. How we walked to the gas station to pick up a gallon of water by yourself, and the details of how you talked to a gas station attendant about music and his future goals of life randomly, or connecting with anybody on the street, I feel that these are the moments in life that we should really be focusing our attention on 

We are so focused on the past, that we aren’t emotionally ready for the future. So I feel like you have to balance your life, so that you experience all of the emotions of life, so that you can be ready for even stronger and greater emotions in the future.

The Present might suck right now, but you have to experience the shitty parts of life so that you can see how beautiful the great parts of life are. Just like being alone with your thoughts.🙂 Have a good day everyone, and feel free to contact me if you want to pick up on any of these polarizing topics. 

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