World Baseball Classic starts with Small Ball Thriller 

Yes it’s that time of year, when the World Baseball Classis is here, as Israel took on South Korea while us Americans were still probably speaking, but I woke up before international chest day, just to see a glimpse of what these countries had to offer. 

I did not see much of the game, but this game was extremely competitive, going down to  a 1-1 tie after 9 innings. Ike Davis, who  I was praying to be the Mets powerful 1st baseman of the future, scored the go ahead run in small ball fashion, as Scott Burcham struggled to make contact, he hit a ball to the second baseman, and the ball was so awkwardly hit that there was no play and Israel hung on to the lead in an extra inning affair.

This was just a small sample size, but it’s good to know that they  idea of nationalism can make the sport of baseball more competitive, and baseball is so universal that all countries have really good players, and the time of this tournament comes into play, as many minor leaguers are trying to show case that they can play in the big leagues, what other perfect moment is there other than playing for your country?

This was just the beginning of a beautiful tournament, and I am excited to see how all of the countries perform, it looks like everyone who qualified deserves and wants to be here so anything can happen!

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