Why Freedom of Speech is at danger right now; Let Different POV’s Speak

No matter who you voted for, after this election, we have been living a world full of L’s. Some big, some small. And we need to articulate these emotions in a way that others can understand them. That is why the 1st amendment is so important

I don’t think our fore fathers would think it would get this weird, but the core values of the  1st amenement are one of the most important things that we need right now 

If you let comedians come to a college, and tell there point of view to college students, and a college pays a Man to show their students a different point of view on things, and some people go insane.

I get there is a lot of hate out there right now, and you can’t get over calling them “rascist,liberal” or whatever name you want to throw on them and make that much of a scene at a College, a place to obtain knowledge and various points of view, no matter how much you think you are making a difference, you aren’t

If you really want to change things in that instance, go to that lecture or rally and respectfully protest. Protesting is good, but if you protest for another person to not talk, you are making that priviledge of free speech in grave danger, and you yourself just made yourself a target to be silenced.

These rights are priviledges. We were so lucky, we had peaceful protesting, but now every protest turns into a war because nobody is showing respect to their opposition

No matter how much you hate your opposition, you cannot silence them. Because you are putting yourself at risk of being silenced.

This is only the beginning. If we do not grow the fuck up, then we are going to be easily censored, because we are not acting like civilized human beings. So treat others the way you would like to be treated, and enioy your day. Gucci Suave out 

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