March Madness hits Vandy;Northwestern avoids the upset that never was 

The first day Of march madness has begun, and we have much to talk about. Whether the upsets or amazing game play our college athletes have to offer.

After coming back late from behind, Vanderbilt seemed to have thereselves an upset, but Mathew-Fisher-Price fouled a Northwestern player, which forced 2 free throws. Vandy was up by 1 point with 14 seconds, Northwestern was stressing on how to get 2 points, but Fisher Price venmoed them that easily with the foul. It was a mistake, but in the end did cost them the game.

Fisher-Price is going to have some sleepless nights ahead of him, hopefully he will bounce back and learn from this horrible experience. March has many surprises for us, and many of them will be introduced from this tournament. So sit back, relax and enjoy the madness.

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