Suaves Spotify Playlist of the Day 

Ok Word Press I have a confession. I am addicted to Spotify. Whether it is studying,working out, or just straight up chilling with whomever I come across with, Music in the process of being played.

So yeah here you go. This is what I’m listening to right now.  I’ll have a new playlist up every day, they will be different, and you will have a good time listening to it. 

Feel free to hit the comments section on music that you like, or if you think that the playlist is trash😂. Have a Suave day 

D Why has Risen; Macchiato Szn is Upon us 

During my sophomore year of high school, there was some crazy music coming out on YouTube, some from the likes of KYLE (k.i.d) Futuristic,Sk4MC, and many other “Buffnerds” but not a lot of people really cared about them and were considered under ground, although the music wasn’t bad at all.

One person who was popping with them, D Why, or David Morris, The Macchiato Music sensation, was basically the G eazy of that group, before G blew up the way he did. Morris had a couple of great mixtapes like Don’t Flatter Yourself, he was dapper, yet showed off that he has bars and can be indie at the same time.

We’re in 2017 and KYLE,Futuristic, and various other Slept on artists are seeing “mainstream” exposure, yet D why hasn’t dropped a song since 2013.

It’s been almost 4 years since Morris has dropped music, but I never really cared, I just gave him time until I realsixed it’s been 4 years since I’ve heard a new D why song. This time is almost over, D why recently tweeted that he will be dropping new music this year. 

I’m going to keep waiting, whatever this man went through, and learned over the past 4 years, I feel like will be some amazing music. Hey D grab a macchiato with me some time man, Manhattan Macchiato season. 

Suave’s Spotify Sunday

Lady’s and Gentleman, we have made it to the last day of the week. So Suave wants to bring tradition into your life by starting Suaves Spotify Sunday, a day where Suave selects seven songs from Spotify to kee p your Sunday’s fresh and relaxing. Let’s get started 

  1. Crew-  Goldlink feat Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy 

With Brent Faiyaz flexing with his melodic voice for the hook, Goldlink comes in and just murders his flow, showing love for his crew while also getting some clever lines like “girl your you can’t tie me down like Ray J said but no I’m down” great shoutout from the song Tie Me Down by New Boys and Ray J, one of my middle school favs. Shy Glizzy brings a turnt up vibe, combine all 3 of them and it’s one hell of a song.

2.  Saint JHN-  3 Below

Saint JHN interests me. With his feature In Teflon Sega’s Beretta Lake,  Saint JHN comes back and drops a single 3 Below,  which is just another great song from JHN, and I’m expecting a big 2017 from me.

3.  NAV- Good for it

NAV is blowing up, from his producing to his bars. NAV recently dropped NAV, a mixtape with amazing beats and songs, Good For it shows how NAV just flexes on everything and that he is good for anything that he is trying to accomplish. Although he is just “a brown boy with a bag” he is co signed with The  Weeknd, and with a Metro Boomin collaboration album in the works, this will not be the last time you heard of NAV in 2017.

4. Perfect by Ed Sheeran 

Ed did it again. This song is just a perfect example of what every guy goes through when they find the right woman. A true story of love and the confusion of what your emotions a person is going through when someone is in love, while making this song sound like a dope 1950’s love song, yeah no Ed you’re the king.

5. KYLE feat Cousin Stizz Want me back

KYLE is killing 2017 right now, From Doubt it to I SPY, although the vision and success started in 2012, KYLE knows exactly what he wants to do and is making the music he has dreamt about. Want me back is basically about all of your demons wanting you back, but knowing that your family and loved ones are with your side, showing you guidance from those demons, while doing it in the happiest way possible. 

6. Khalid Saved 

Khalid crushed American Teen, Saved Is a calm song, showing Khalid will always save a certain girls numbed after a breakup, and he just says the little things that can really break a guys heart, like “I hope you think of all the times… I was the only one who cared” I am currently going through this stuff and Khalid was spot on, Drake who?

7. Mac Demarco This Old Dog

I feel like it is an obligation, to always incorporate Mac Demarco into your Sunday playlist. His music is very calm yet hard hitting at the same time. if you want to catch some sun shine, while listening to some extremely soothing music, Demarco is your guy.

Hope you enjoyed Suaves Spotify Sunday. There will be more great songs next week, so don’t sleep on these Suave playlists next Sunday. Suave out.

Bibi Bourelly is who We need; Stay true to Yourself

It is safe to say, whatever time period we are in ,there will be people who go through life, and people who question everything and are comfortable about discussion.

German born singer, Bibi Bourelly is exactly that. Bourelly has become a role model to the every day teen, and you really see that in her music. Her father, Jean-Paul Bourelly,  was an artist and has collaborated with other artists with his guitar skills, can really influence a teen.

But if you really look down deep, everything around us influences us to be the people we are today. Our emotions control our attitudes, and some days will be good, while some may be terrible, and Bibi preaches that in all of her music.

Her hit single Ballin emphasizes that to the fullest extent. She just writes about her life, while being extremely true and inspirational to the listener. Her latest mixtape Free the Real (Pt.#2) Is filled with good vibes and can show that whenever she drops an album, it will be sensational.

I feel like we are seeing more artists who get life, and they are searching for the perfect sound, and are really striving to make a difference in this world. So keep doing you Bibi, and show off some of the Ego on the way!

When Complex Beats you to the Punch; How Great Minds think Alike

Yesterday was a normal day for me. I started my day at 9am to hit biceps and triceps before school, as  I was loading up my pre workout I decided to get pumped up to the talented Atlanta artist 6lack, who although I have seen on SoundCloud, and Twitter, he has not really been on Complex’s radar.

So I’m jamming, snap chatting, people are replying like ” yo who is this kid” and I’m like yeah it’s 6lack, a lot of “damn this guy is fire” and they’re not wrong, but something strange happened

Out of nowhere I check Facebook, and Complex runs a huge story on 6lack, and Nadeska Alexis did an amazing job showing all of the aspects of 6lack. Complex’s platform can be presented to a large audience, and when you have that platform and really want to help your favorite artists get recognized, you can really mend the mainstream the way you want it to be.

Although Complex has always been fire, most of my curiousity has been focused on Jinx from Complex, who has been focusing on Pigeons and Planes. He has a wide range of taste in music, and he uses his platform to present the dopest music he finds, and wherever he is going to present his stories.

We need people to be weird. And I am willing to go the extra mile, like all of the people who we read every day. So that people can be enlightened on how much good music, and random things out there, we just have to find it. 

Travis Scott announces new Label; How the artists will strike back 

Travis Scott has been open saying that he is not fully happy being an artist under a major record label. La Flame is sick of the uncertainty of whether or not his album release dates are actually permanent , and doesn’t want the future generations artists to feel jipped like the way he had to, he wants artists to know their understanding budgets of their music videos and other content, so they really know what is going on. Because they are just as clueless as we are for the most part.

Travis is a perfect artist to run a record label. Look at his last album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, his many collaborations show his high social capital, and he is so in depth with the culture, that he see’s potential in artists that many cannot see. 

The entire concept of the album is to show that Travis is a bird, and he feels trapped from his own potential, from not knowing when music videos from his debut album Rodeo , buf im interested to see who he signs.

Travis Scott is mending all of the genres together, showing his interest for James Blake, and Tame Impala, two polar opposites of hip hop, but they all have the power to create beautiful pieces of art, and now the next generations artist will not have to worry about getting jippep by their record label.

Travis Scott went through all the bullshit, we patiently waited for the perfect time to make him his own boss, and he succeeded. His new collaborations and signings will most likely change the game, and we just have to wait for his label to grow , but until that we stay trapping.

American Teen; Khalid’s Ballad of Emotions Finds Early Success 

For starters, I’m not talking about Dj Khalid, but you really did “play yourself” if you haven’t been listening to the fire from El Paso Texas native Khalid over the past year.

Khalid caught my attention when I was scrolling through similar artists to my favorite artist  KYLE, and Khalid was there, he had recently released a single  called Location, and instantly fell in love with the way his music sounded.  His voice is smooth, and he really pays attention to the flow of his music and combines everything into one ballad of emotions. you really have to  let American Teen take you on a journey of your late teens. Khalid’s lyrics are spot on, from break ups, to doing stupid things with your teenage friends.

    You cannot put a category on Khalid. He is just naturally flexing on whatever he likes, and he sounds almost like the birth of a 1975, Taylor Swift, and Frank Ocean one night stand. It’s truly a one of a kind. 

 American Teen Is a really cool concept Album. Khalid uses the “American Dream” and makes his own mantra sayimg that he is an “American Teen” where you can really do whatever you put your mind to. And he’s doing this at 19 years old, and the music is breathtaking. There is a little bit of everything in this Album, something to really vibe out.

 You can also feel Khalid has gone through a lot with a particular female, and he really expressed the feelings of heartache, yet showing the positive aspects of what he learned from everything, because he is living “young dumb and broke” 

There are plenty of songs that I would recommend. But I would really recommend you listen to it straight up and get in toon to your inner teenager and revisit those primitive savage things you did with your friends after school. 

But American Teen, Coaster, Another Sad Love song, Let’s go, and Shot Down are bangers, but if you like this type of music I would highly recommend artists like KYLE, Smino, and Skott for more. With the growing rate of music, toon in to find the best out of the long end of the media. Gucci Suave out.