Happy Bicycle Day Fam; the Cool Origin Story of a Slept on Holiday 

As we grow accustomed to certain holidays, bicycle day should be marked on everyone’s calendar, just to reminisce about how the hell it started. 

Albert Hoffman, aka the GOAT, self experimented with his own experiment that we like to call now a days “LSD” and he did in the coolest way possible. Hoffman knew that what he and his peers were working on can possible change the perception of the person using it, so he went on a bicycle ride and practically tripped balls for 2 hours, and what he said basically sums up the life of a person who gets frequent panic Attacks.

“affected by a remarkable restlessness, combined with a slight dizziness. At home I lay down and sank into a not unpleasant intoxicated-like condition, characterized by an extremely stimulated imagination. In a dreamlike state, with eyes closed (I found the daylight to be unpleasantly glaring), I perceived an uninterrupted stream of fantastic pictures, extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of colors. After about two hours this condition faded away”

I am not promoting drug abuse, but what Hoffman described can happen to people sober, except these chemicals change the perception of what a person can think or believe. Who knows? I’m gonna go say high to the dragons outside,  and play real life Mario Kart with Mel Gibson and Will Smith. Have a good day fam. Stay golden. 

Tropic Thunder on Netflix;Why the World just got hella cool 

I was strolling through Netflix, due to the fact that people on my snapchat group (nickg1705)  were asking what is good. And then it hit me, Tropic Thunder was the first thing i noticed, and my inner middle school self shit himself.

Tropic Thunder was my childhood, there are so many classic one liners, and situations that are so cringy yet hysterical. With a star studded cast going from Ben Stiller to Robert Downey Jr playing a black guy, it really does past the limit of reality.

There were literally 0 fucks given in the production of this movie, language and morals are thrown out of the  window for the duration of the movie.

Tropic Thunder makes fun of sequel movies, and drugged out actors that will do anything for a check, while crossing over from a serious movie, and then into them pretending to be on a fake movie set, pretending to be awful true people.

I definitely reconmend watching this movie, but it definitely gets ghory. And please do not forget to drink booty sweat.

Let the Madness Begin; How This March might be the most mad of all time 

The NCAA March Madness tournament officially tipped off this Thursday afternoon, aka everyday life is put on hold for a week, of just non stop basketball. Where it is either being viewed at home comfortably, or in a lecture hall on your phone, there is a feeling of non stop suspense for 64 teams, and it is the most exhilarating feeling in the world.

  This year can go so many ways, their are so many good teams that are ranked 13th that have big talented athletes that want to win, and anything can happen, and we just have to watch it unfold.

I am predicting a lot of upsets, but I also do not want the teams that I want to win to get upset. The idea of making a perfect bracket is almost impossible, but everyone feels like they can do it. And then there are the stats wizards who analyze everything and predict of a numbers instead of bias which can make a prediction to who can win on a team on team basis

But most of it will come in the March air. After this phenomenon of basketball concludes, the regular season end for basketball and then playoffs begin, while the Major League Baseball Season is right around the corner as well. This tournament is a pick me up for the beginning of spring and summer, so it is time to soak in some basketball, and enjoy a happy spring break. 

Bibi Bourelly is who We need; Stay true to Yourself

It is safe to say, whatever time period we are in ,there will be people who go through life, and people who question everything and are comfortable about discussion.

German born singer, Bibi Bourelly is exactly that. Bourelly has become a role model to the every day teen, and you really see that in her music. Her father, Jean-Paul Bourelly,  was an artist and has collaborated with other artists with his guitar skills, can really influence a teen.

But if you really look down deep, everything around us influences us to be the people we are today. Our emotions control our attitudes, and some days will be good, while some may be terrible, and Bibi preaches that in all of her music.

Her hit single Ballin emphasizes that to the fullest extent. She just writes about her life, while being extremely true and inspirational to the listener. Her latest mixtape Free the Real (Pt.#2) Is filled with good vibes and can show that whenever she drops an album, it will be sensational.

I feel like we are seeing more artists who get life, and they are searching for the perfect sound, and are really striving to make a difference in this world. So keep doing you Bibi, and show off some of the Ego on the way!

Why Freedom of Speech is at danger right now; Let Different POV’s Speak

No matter who you voted for, after this election, we have been living a world full of L’s. Some big, some small. And we need to articulate these emotions in a way that others can understand them. That is why the 1st amendment is so important

I don’t think our fore fathers would think it would get this weird, but the core values of the  1st amenement are one of the most important things that we need right now 

If you let comedians come to a college, and tell there point of view to college students, and a college pays a Man to show their students a different point of view on things, and some people go insane.

I get there is a lot of hate out there right now, and you can’t get over calling them “rascist,liberal” or whatever name you want to throw on them and make that much of a scene at a College, a place to obtain knowledge and various points of view, no matter how much you think you are making a difference, you aren’t

If you really want to change things in that instance, go to that lecture or rally and respectfully protest. Protesting is good, but if you protest for another person to not talk, you are making that priviledge of free speech in grave danger, and you yourself just made yourself a target to be silenced.

These rights are priviledges. We were so lucky, we had peaceful protesting, but now every protest turns into a war because nobody is showing respect to their opposition

No matter how much you hate your opposition, you cannot silence them. Because you are putting yourself at risk of being silenced.

This is only the beginning. If we do not grow the fuck up, then we are going to be easily censored, because we are not acting like civilized human beings. So treat others the way you would like to be treated, and enioy your day. Gucci Suave out 

Travis Scott announces new Label; How the artists will strike back 

Travis Scott has been open saying that he is not fully happy being an artist under a major record label. La Flame is sick of the uncertainty of whether or not his album release dates are actually permanent , and doesn’t want the future generations artists to feel jipped like the way he had to, he wants artists to know their understanding budgets of their music videos and other content, so they really know what is going on. Because they are just as clueless as we are for the most part.

Travis is a perfect artist to run a record label. Look at his last album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, his many collaborations show his high social capital, and he is so in depth with the culture, that he see’s potential in artists that many cannot see. 

The entire concept of the album is to show that Travis is a bird, and he feels trapped from his own potential, from not knowing when music videos from his debut album Rodeo , buf im interested to see who he signs.

Travis Scott is mending all of the genres together, showing his interest for James Blake, and Tame Impala, two polar opposites of hip hop, but they all have the power to create beautiful pieces of art, and now the next generations artist will not have to worry about getting jippep by their record label.

Travis Scott went through all the bullshit, we patiently waited for the perfect time to make him his own boss, and he succeeded. His new collaborations and signings will most likely change the game, and we just have to wait for his label to grow , but until that we stay trapping.

Why Being Alone is the new Mainstream 

I’m sure we have all pondered the decision to interact with the outside world or hang out with yourself for the day at some point in our lifes , but why is being alone considered a mutation of everyday life?

For the most of our adult life, we are alone trying to figure out purpose in the World. How can you get a long with the World if you are not comfortable with yourself in it?

I’ve come to realize that once you get used to breaking your social boundaries, anything is possible. And I feel like you have to master life you have to separate time for yourself, to really think about what is around you. 

There are a lot of things in life that are left unsaid when we tell our loved ones about our day. How we walked to the gas station to pick up a gallon of water by yourself, and the details of how you talked to a gas station attendant about music and his future goals of life randomly, or connecting with anybody on the street, I feel that these are the moments in life that we should really be focusing our attention on 

We are so focused on the past, that we aren’t emotionally ready for the future. So I feel like you have to balance your life, so that you experience all of the emotions of life, so that you can be ready for even stronger and greater emotions in the future.

The Present might suck right now, but you have to experience the shitty parts of life so that you can see how beautiful the great parts of life are. Just like being alone with your thoughts.🙂 Have a good day everyone, and feel free to contact me if you want to pick up on any of these polarizing topics.